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The Western Australian Government is committed to the accessibility and exchange of information and the processes of public consultation and debate. The challenge for Western Australia, and all Governments, is to ensure that we keep pace with the changes and ensure that all people have access to the benefits being presented by the Internet. The message is: the Internet is for everyone. This web site and any linked web sites are presented to you in the context of this approach. This web site is operated by Landgate. Your use of this web site, including any of the content or materials on it is governed by these terms and conditions. In addition to these terms, there may also be additional terms that govern your use of or access to specific parts or sections of this web site, in which case those specific terms will apply to your activities at those locations in addition to these terms. Your use of this site signifies your acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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Please note the following limitations of the Landgate FireWatch Hotspots:

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