Map Layers

Layers may take a moment to load, depending on the speed and availability of your internet connection. You may need to refresh the page to ensure that you are getting the most recent data. The hotspots mapped are updated roughly every 2 to 4 hours depending on the availability of satellites.

Click or touch a layer from the layer menu. Selected layers will show a ticked checkbox. The current fire layers are switched on by default:

Note that the current greenness layer uses shades of purple and blue to represent dense vegetation. We are currently working on a way to improve the imagery of this layer.

Note that the base map is from Google and may not contain the most recent road and landmark information. The satellite view layer is also from Google and is a few years old. The greenness imagery is one week old.


The buttons in the top right corner of the map allow you to zoom in (+) and out (-). The button with the Australian map will zoom out to reveal the whole continent.

To search for a location, enter the name of a town or a street address. Alternatively, you can enter a latitude and longitude. Enter the latitude first, followed by a comma and then the longitude. If you are using a new browser, you have the option to share your location, which will allow the map to find your location automatically. The accuracy of this can depend on the strength of your mobile phone signal or internet connection.

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